Matahari Eyes

Matahari means “Sun” in the Malay language. When ‘Matahari Eyes’ emerged, I don’t think I had planned it. Nor could I have. I like that our communication is not about a campaign, but that it is about connecting. I couldn’t imagine planning a campaign as such; it is more like setting a focal point of reflecting. 

So, ‘Matahari Eyes’ is about this: reflecting about our collective commitment to the agroecology of the food system. Commitment in the end seems to look like ACTION. A daily dose of super action. Intents are important but sustainability requires living it. Culture, at the end of the day looks, feels, thinks as do. We seek perfection, but perfection and completion is, perhaps, simply about treasuring each other while the sun is shining and while the rain is falling.

For all the exploration of the little contemporary art that I have had the good gratitude to contemplate, perhaps for me, performance seems to be at the closest meeting point with living life. I think when we lose our way, we find our way back too. I don’t know how to explain this. All the meandering, all the discoveries, we can’t come home to ourselves, if we can’t be authentic in our intimacy of relationships. And we can’t be in relationships, if we can’t be comfortable inside out, and outside in.

Every encounter would change us, and every day we are alive, we are changing the world – earth and society, and the economics of voice, protection, provision and participation.

Perhaps at the heart of The Economics of Universal Wellbeing (TEUWB), is this simplicity of honesty. Simple truth – me: I am who I am. And then we take the chances. We take the risk that we change and get changed, and yet we can stay still, and we can stand, and we can walk forth. And we dance to the wind. Yet we fly in the rain. We soar on solid groundedness.

It is December 2020. Our eyes speak our all when words no longer suffice nor can communicate our common destiny. And if so, may our eyes speak of hope, of love, of truth, of pain, of loss – truths reconciled, recovered and healed, and of tenderness; of our unspoken awesome alivenesses.

May the suns in all of us light up our hearts and paths in the dark swirling night of our storm, which in the end might just reveal to us that we have been alright, and are alright, and beyond alright – we each and together are simply downright amazing. After all that is said and done.

May we look back, look now, look forward – at each other’s eyes. And hearts. And lives. Look out for and after each other.

And what of ‘Matahari’ – it is the sleuth in us – the discoverer. And if we be sleuths, then may we be good, happy and cheerful everyday researcher-practitioner making the world just spectacularly awesome because we are in it. Because of you and I. And I cannot complete, without you.

Season’s Greetings and Happy 2021: “New Things. Keep Well and Love Everybody.”

Shall we dance and weave to make the impossible, all and always – possible?

Peng-Ean Khoo
Sustainability Steward
Bilberries Blue
December 15, 2020