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Bilberries Blue

Bilberries Blue is a sustainable enterprise that co-builds and offers an ecosystem of biodiversity of sustainability, resources, and funding.

The Sustainability Stewards of Bilberries Blue conduct research, develop and co-build – through collaborative knowledge-sharing applications and platforms – the ESG Economy which is guided by our proprietary model of The Economics of Universal Wellbeing (TEUWB).

Bilberries Blue is transdisciplinary: economics, business, finance, technology, care, health & wellbeing, pedagogy, arts, science, ecology, contemplation, global relations, and community.

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The Economics of Universal Wellbeing


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Journey of Making the Impossible, Possible



is a blog authored by the co-founder of Bilberries Blue since 2015. It chronicles the deep journey and friendships encountered in the becoming of Bilberries Blue, its proprietary model of TEUWB (The Economics of Universal Wellbeing) and applications.

The Inside Scoop: The Journey of Open Studios through 5 Thursdays to Cambridge

#bilberriesblueopencatalogue is a gift for all. BILBERRIES BLUE: OPEN STUDIOS April 23 – May 22, 2021 how we got from here to there, everywhere, nowhere, upside down, inside out, and eventually arriving in the ability to re-create one’s self, through a journey from impossibilities to possibilities? Bilberries Blue: Open Studios was conceived today as weContinue reading “The Inside Scoop: The Journey of Open Studios through 5 Thursdays to Cambridge”

The Inside Scoop: Wild Hearts for a Day in the Sun

Wild Hearts is a contemporary art piece regarding my personal sharing as a sustainable entrepreneur that I have prepared for my voice and participation in Day in the Sun, wonderfully organised by Millet World. I think this fair might just have sparked the beginning of the integration of my core passions: family, art, entrepreneurism.  Continue reading “The Inside Scoop: Wild Hearts for a Day in the Sun”