COUNTDOWN T MINUS 4 Working Days – Does That Make Me A Hero, A Pilgrim or A Dancer?


Is the enterprise its own loom?

Who coordinates intra-enterprise activities? Say, we call this weaving.

Who coordinates the extra-enterprise activities? Say, we call this transformation of the cloth of all kinds to the needs of the person requiring the cloth.

What are the threads in the enterprise? Say, we call this functions. What are the functional threads that enable the weaving?


Who is the kind weaver in this scenario of the one enterprise, interacting with another person requiring the cloth for his or her own needs.

“We can customise,” the enterprise, who is The Kind Weaver, says to the person.


The person says, “It is for a dance.”

The Kind Weaver, smiles with a twinkle, “Oh, that’s a completely different story!”


“Why so?” asks the innocent person.

“Well, we would need to know who are you dancing with!” replies The Kind Weaver.


“Does that make me a hero, a pilgrim, or a dancer?” clarifies the innocent person.


“What?” it is now The Kind Weaver’s turn to clarify.

“I am hoping your cloth would do all three. Serve a 3-in-1 kinda purpose,” the hopeful person braves the speaking of a 3-in-1 wish from the heart.


“Now that’s a nice tall order,” chimes The Kind Weaver, “You have come to exactly the right place. We love big, seemingly impossible dreams.”


“What if you fail to weave such a cloth?” questions the hopeful person.

“Well, you would then be a pilgrim,” grins The Kind Weaver. “By your request, you have already wished for an invisible cloth, which makes you a dreamer.”


“What if you fail to weave such a cloth?” The discerning person questions again.

“Well, since you ask twice, nicely, that would make you meta. Asking about asking. That would make you a hero,” The Kind Weaver states a rational observation.


“What if you fail to weave such a cloth?” The rational person now becoming impatient with the exchange, of dialogue.

“Have you no faith?” The Kind Weaver wonders why the hopeful-discerning-rational person has stepped into the good Work shop in the first place.


“I don’t do paradoxes well,” finally the vulnerable person confesses that the dance partner has not yet been found and the dance steps have not yet been choreographed.


“What kind of dance are you doing?” The Kind Weaver cuts through to the chase.

“Something of the ordinary, yet extraordinary,” the dancer twirls in his twinkles.

“Well, I have the perfect cloth for you,” The Kind Weaver beams.


The Kind Weaver hands the hopeful dancer an instruction manual.


“Here is the loom,” The Kind Weaver, who loves to grin, grins.

“Only you can weave, build, shape, make, cut, sew, stitch, find your dance partner, dance, dance on, and fulfil the dreams in your heart,” a voice from the instruction manual sounds itself.


The be-mysteriousised bystander starts to speak, “May I have the loom, if he doesn’t want it.”

“And who are you??” both The Kind Weaver and the ordinary-extraordinary person now asks the new person.


“I shall be your dancing partner,” she announces.


“There you go, here’s two instruction manuals. Actually, it’s the same, yet unique to each of you. You could share but you would have to adapt it,” The Kind Weaver gleefully hands over the generative code.

“What’s in the box?” the two apprentices ask hoping what they have in their hands is a startup kit.


“The kickstarter’s guide to the galaxies, and back,” the box makes a face.


“Are you our teacher?” The two persons clarity.

“What??” A chord of voices suddenly sound.


“Whoa, you are a musical box!” The two persons having been utterly fascinated, seem to have forgotten the point of the inquiry of the dialogues.


“Your cloths, madam and mister,” The Kind Weaver made an ahem.


“What???” The Two Persons look back in astonishment.


“Afraid you still gotta weave it,” The Kind Weaver encourages, with a friendly smile. “It’s your dreams. I can’t weave what is yours to weave and make happen.”


But we can be here for you, to accompany you, and help you unpack the box.


“Who said that?” Asks The Two Makers.


“We are a song yet unheard unless you begin to unpack the music of your heart,” The Silent Dancer reveals her inner name.

The Two Weavers have now opened the box, and in there, it is empty.


Only a label stares back:


“Ahem, Where is your cloth?”


Someone, somewhere clears a throat.


Peng-Ean Khoo
July 4, 2019


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