The Arrivals of Suddenly


Manju arrives in from China.

img_0431Manju collecting her BB namecard
Sustainability Steward
BB Studio, Singapore 2019

Suddenly, Sustainability Interns arrive.

Gemma & Beth
Sustainability Interns
Singapore 2019

Our Microsummit Operational blackbelt team is crystallised. Our Sustainability Interns begin their journey too. We mapped our logistical parts & sequences.

COUNTDOWN T MINUS 5 Days – Tuesday July 2, 2019

Suddenly, we have a Roadshow.

Suddenly, we RAW.

Our first Youtube series Microsummit Matter got U-ed between yesterday and today.

And suddenly, Leo jumps in.

img_0452Leo Jumps In
BB Studio
Singapore, 2019

And we have Channel!

Microsummit Matter #1: Personal U-ing


Microsummit Matter #3: Mundo Play


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