I just realised I had a miscalculation.

It is actually T MINUS 10 Working Days!

Bilberries Blue Inaugural Microsummit: Warm Data – Emergences with Nora Bateson

Vashima Goyal and I PoP-ed this microsummit sometime in May. It went a little like this.


Today: June 25, 2019 – Space-Time


We reflected on our work in May. Hence the space-time reference.

We love blackboards, whiteboards, corkboards. All kinds of surfaces where we can write, doodle and organise our thinking: our meta-integration.

A Place of Possibilities. This is what is PoP-ping.

I think we are testing the robustness of this paradigm. Across all agegroups and gathering of coming together of human engagement.

I said to Vashima today, “I think I do what I do because since young, I had this quest: I want to understand society. And I want to know why there is suffering, and how I can help alleviate suffering.”

We did a series of conversations of what became a “LIFE IS with Vashima Goyal”.

I mentioned to her about running. About HIITs. High Intensive Internal Training. You do 25m, then 50m, then 75m, then you sprint the 100m. So we did our first 25m, which is the LIFE IS series. Which turned out to be a 75m dash.

Then we did the PoP. Which turned out to be a 100m dash, minus 5m, so we paused at 95m.


May 30, 2019 – Human Communication Tools

I cycled to Vashima’s Workplace.

We discussed about pedagogical documentation. Specifically about forms. We were mapping 3D to 2D and back to 3D. The various boundaries of communication tools was unpacked and examined. For example, from music to drawing to painting to collage to dancing to words to text to space to theatre to gesture to silence.


Then we got hungry, and she fed me several yummy homecooked meals.



May 17, 2019 – Farm to Tummy

Peng Keat, Billie and Li Ping arrive in town.

Billie pops on Vashima’s lap.

Food Forest Farm had arrived in town.

We are wondering how to share all the stories of 12 archetypes as collectively we have a 20 year evolution.

We toss the farm to (oven) to table fresh vegetables, and ponder and worked with conversations.

We need more than one voice for a Place of Possibility to PoP.


May 7 – BB Equinox

We assembled everyone on Zoom. And basically announced to the Bilberries Blue Sustainability Stewards that we are having Bilberries Blue Inaugural Microsummit in July 10-11, 2019.

Everyone just chuckled. Everyone is getting hang of the sudden PoP-ping of projects.

We conversed and locked in the two day format collectively.
Day 1 – 100 pax zero fee event. Day 2 – small group fee-based engagement in order to enable financial sustainability while at the same time not compromising on our impact goals.


May 3 – Let’s Hang Up the Old Blank Canvases

We decided to get into action.

BB Equinox was conceived.

I found my old community documentary tools which was in my happy black and white (now beige) stripey bag. The last time I looked into it was in 2012 when my One Voice project bombed and I was too stuffy to rework it. And so I shifted. I unpacked it, and clarified the pieces that worked and the pieces that didn’t. And I made a choice to rework.


Vashima just went, “Hmm,” in the midst of my self-chatter. And just got down to scribbling on the blank canvas.




April 30, 2019 – Place of Possibilities

Vashima Goyal came by for lunch to pick up her Bilberries Blue namecard.

And then, out of the vast blue mystery, Place of Possibilities cohered:


So now, you have the backstory.


A Collaborative Microsummit for Global Sustainability & Flourishing by

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