PEK: V, we did it.

Vashima: What, what?

PEK: BB-PoP PoP. It was right here.

Vashima: What, where?

PEK: Everywhere, and nowhere. In the circle, and on the edges.

Vashima: What are you saying?

PEK: It’s the invisible inside whirrer PoP-PoP of The Economics of Universal Wellbeing. 

Vashima: So we are done for today?

PEK: Ya. Tomorrow we PoP-PoP the economics. Now we zzzzz.

Vashima: We continue tomorrow!

PEK: Oh V, we gotta copyright the PoP Board.

Vashima (nodding in imaginary silence): hmmmmm


Peng-Ean Khoo
June 25, 2019


PEK: V, it’s the School of Pedagogy. That’s what got PoP-ped today.

Peng-Ean Khoo
June 26, 2019


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