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A Collaborative Microsummit by

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Why are stories so important?

They tell us things we might not otherwise grasp through any other medium.

And, so, the Bilberries Blue Blog will share such treasured moments. In the midst of microsummit preparations, eventbrite information, sending out invites, building up the evolution of all the incubatees, trying to make the revisiting of the historicity in the language of the emerging new, risking the inconsistencies, risking the incoherences, risking what used to be thought of as risks.


How did the Microsummit come to be?


It was last April 2018. It was at 10 Square @ Orchard Central. We were brainstorming on Moonriver Lodge’s new business model. And we stumbled upon the ideation of microsummits.

Why micro? Because we believe in relationships. And real ones. Intimacy. Friendships. Face to face time. Daring to be epic while being small and beautiful. At that time, we haven’t really figured how the knowledge-sharing and services piece would factor out. We hadn’t yet figured out the intangible assets and how this links to the enterprise value creation of a sustainable enterprise.

Now we have.

And so, we have IP.  Intellectual Property. We have a mechanism for this, and this has a sharing and collaborative feature in it. At the same time, there is also a Governance feature. And we have stitched the Environmental, Social and Governance since then. Through the market mechanism with designed access development – our Sustainable Enterprises proprietary model.

And we thought to ourselves, it is time to share this great news.


The Economics of Universal Wellbeing

And so we accomplished three things, which actually is a very critical fourth.

#1 For Global Sustainability & Flourishing – we articulated Purpose

#2 We incorporated The Silent Dancer Pte Ltd and The Kind Weaver Pte Ltd as twin engines to serve Knowledge-Sharing & Services 

#3 We defined the ESG Economy into 12 sustainable archetypes. We have a Roadmap to align with UNDP Global Goals 2030.


#4 Critically, we have a team. We voted and identify ourselves as Sustainability Stewards.

This means we are ready. We have Purpose, we have Vision & Mission, we have Delivery mechanisms, and we are WHOLE & INTEGRATED.


Warm Data

Enter Nora Bateson.


Vashima turns up grinning holding “Small Arcs of Larger Circles”. We had been researching “The Nature of Order” and “Pattern Language” by Christopher Alexander.

I went, “Ohhhh!” She went, “Yaaaa.”

The patterns of relationals. The Pedagogy of Alterity. The Pedagogy of Differences. The Pedagogy of Pedagogy – that makes Vashima’s next emergence: __________ (come to the microsummit to find out).

These were some of our microsummit prep moments.

Microsummit#1 prep


What does it take for a village to become?

I think it was something Vashima must have whispered to Colin. I think Vashima is a “collaboration whisperer”. Colin said OK and a 3-way collaboration happened. It was a little bit more elaborated than this but this story shall suffice for now.


We have all been action researching these inquiries as applied to Environmental, Social, Governance as working-living in sustainable economies and sustainable communities: 

How do multiplicity of voices and cultures sing the harmony of living and working together?

How do persons with different languages communicate?

Coordinate life? Work-life? Lifework?


What is that place of possibilities?

The place of gathering, encounters, meeting and exchange?

What ultimately are the gifts being exchanged in such meetings?

What are the discoveries that can only become possible and crystallise into reality in the arrival, greeting, and meeting of the other?


Liminal Leadership

“The kind of leadership that I want to explore may not be identifiable as leadership at all.  I am interested in a kind of mutually alert care and attention to the well-being of all people and ecological systems. This kind of leadership cannot be found in individuals, but rather between them. It cannot be found in organisations, nations, religions or institutions, but rather between them. I have called it Liminal Leadership to highlight the relational characteristics.” –Nora Bateson

Something here struck a chord in my core. I struggle with leadership because I struggle with the communication and the relating. So, I went and invented an inquiry and titled it “The Poetics of Stewardship.” Then, Agnes yells at me, and says I have to work harder than that. So, this microsummit is really for me to learn how to WORK WITH OTHERS  and COMMUNICATE MORE EMPHATICALLY. 



I realise today that we are a village. Maybe because there have been lots of inter-yelling and inter-laughing. And lots of us running around trying to do many things all at once. I am quite a believer that things somehow work themselves out, especially when we are not alone, and are loved enough to be allowed to speak up. In however the manner, our truths are perceived, understood and spoken for.

We invite you –

Family, friends, communities, and organisations to join us to share your vision and lifework regarding Global Sustainability and Flourishing with us during

Bilberries Blue Inaugural Microsummit.


Together, we shall figure it all out.


DAY 1: July 10, 2019 – 10am-12.30pm, 10 Square

10 square.jpg

July 10, 2019 – 10 Square @ Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road #10-01, S238896
10am-12.30pm, 100pax, Zero Fee Event


DAY 2: July 11, 2019 – 10am-5pm, Temenggong House

temenggong house.jpg

July 11, 2019 – Temenggong House
18/20 Temenggong Road, S098771
10am-5pm (+ Lunch)
35 pax, SGD300* per person
*20% of Bilberries Blue Microsummit Fees are designated for underserved communities