THE KIND WEAVER is birthed, emerges today, as A Sustainable Innovation of Bilberries Blue Group.

Since my Life Coaching session with Ms Bernadette Cenzon, whom I met at pottery class, during the summer of 2015, (perhaps it was spring, but it makes no difference, because we are in the tropics, and it is always, fortunately, eternally rainforest biomically summer), I have been busy deep diving, over and over and over again, Bilberries Blue. My own inner transformation and my professional career and integration as a person and as a mom, trying to balance worklife balance, integration, etc. ie The Impossibility of a Woman Trying to Have it All In Actualising Personal Dreams Encountering Corporate Myths.

Bilberries Blue has a lineage, I think, since 1980, when I distinctly remember my first thought of being an entrepreneur, which then became a passion that I couldn’t name for a long time. For as long as 38 years. That first thought had arisen from the first action – of translating an agreement from Bahasa Malaysia to English, for my father. The passion was birthed from love and from necessity. I realise now that entrepreneurship isn’t a course of choice, it isn’t knowledge, it is intrinsically tied to – survival. That is the realism and authenticity of entrepreneurism. Without that, it is an academic exercise that would lead one to continually grasp at the straws of dreams. What converts dreams to entrepreneurship, is NEED. It makes one take that leap of faith, when one is most out of depth, where one has no more roadmaps, no more roads that one wants to travel on, where all iterations have played themselves out, where things are still not working, where without another leap one is out of play, and from the depths of SHEER AUTHENTIC VULNERABILITY OF PROBLEM-SOLVING GRIT, one EMERGES – what I now have come to internalise as


During that fateful encounter, where Bernie so kindly asked, “May I practise (life coaching) on you?”, I understood that being stuck sucks. And that it is as painful getting out, as it is painful staying in. And it is only with love, friendship and beautiful kindness, that one can re-emerge with a true clarity about one’s commitment to one’s life, and lifework, which has taken me three (+35) years to articulate, cognise, know and commit to as my good work and contribution to humanity.

So after nearly three years of deep brewing, deeper shedding, intense reworking, even more intense rapid prototypes and applications of ideas, thinking, ordering, paradigm development, delivery execution, rounds and rounds and hours and hours of dialogues, deliberations, tears, laughter, exhaustive wailings and wahoos, THE KIND WEAVER is birthed today.

It is A Sustainable Stewardic Exchange that has several possibilities of engagement, and it is birthed and will be continuingly being nurtured and nourished by the very good folks who had stuck through all the epistemologics of pedagogic stuckness and broke through our own inner paradigm blocks, together.

To us, the madhatters, may we always dream of good work, in any way, shape, form or size, cuddle or thought.

To Sustainable Innovations in an ESGx Economy. In case the Sustainability Mandate in Corporate Responsibility Reporting Forgets, we are about supporting entrepreneurs and entreprises engaging:





In A Humane



Peng-Ean Khoo
Co-Founder & Director
Bilberries Blue Group
April 7, 2018