IMG_5685It was very strange. I almost got confused between strategy and sustainability. Perhaps there really isn’t any difference. The strategy, any strategy, afterall, ultimately, is to sustain, isn’t it? If you don’t sustain, you are out of a business, a job, a mission, an application of an idea or purpose or reason, and well, maybe, a planet. So, I find it quite intriguing that we spend so much and so much time about processes, or even markets, when actually the smart question, or the only question, is about transformation towards collective sustainability. How do you transform in order to sustain the whole, so that the part still has a part to participate in?  So isn’t sustainability about the earth, people collaborating, cooperating and sharing and discovering greatness – within and for the whole. It is the simultaneity of the two, the parts and the whole. It is about understanding, appreciating, and enabling our individual and collective roles and responsibilities to come to a point of recognition that resolving this paradox is simply this: the part is the whole. That I am a part of you and that you are a part of me. That, in fact, “I” am “you” and “you” are “me”. That it is not possible to defeat the other without defeating ourselves. That it is only possible to sustain the other, in order to sustain ourselves. So, sustainability comes down to this. To take care of the other, as we would, ourselves. We make so many jigsaw puzzles, cutting the one picture into so many parts, but the picture is right under our noses. It is the divides that divide us; however, we cut it. Supposing we focus on bridging the separations. Separations are the most difficult to bridge. That’s why the gap has arisen in the first place. But suppose we say to ourselves, “Let’s bridge the islands.” What happens? We sustain. We don’t break or fall apart.