IMG_5679Strategy is an interesting idea. I have wondered for a long time what is the divide – between strategy and strategy execution, between management and staff, between mission and processes, between budget and actual, between shareholders and the people who make up the corporation. And so on. I wonder if anyone notices that life is real time. And that every moment isn’t at all repeatable. What is then the pragmatic or doable strategy to navigate this reality? I come down to consistency. Every living moment is then an embodiment of your entire reason or purpose of existence – mission, vision, strategy, strategy execution, enterprise performance management, enterprise resource planning & processing. It is an integration of all that you are. What then is this snapshot or point of coherence that is at once meaningful, harmonious and fruitful for each of the member of the common participation – be it in an enterprise, a corporation, an organisation, a community? That to me is the deep meaning of purpose. And since everyone is a human person, I would dare venture that ultimately, it is about cultivating, scaffolding, and growing humanity. And the process is about patience and inner patience. And a word that is so seldom breathed in corporate circles: love.