Why Bilberries Blue?


We wanted a refreshing perspective. We wanted to refresh ourselves. Many paradigms came and grew, and integrated. But we wanted something sustainable, something beyond words and even paradoxes. We wanted to return to simplicity. To perhaps an originality that is at once personal and unique. And deeply universal. So we grew, from Tujuan Management Consultants (S) Pte Ltd, momentarily to Rose Heart Pte Ltd, and now, we arrive at Bilberries Blue Pte Ltd.

During 2016 to 2018, we re-framed our history since 2000, re-worked our paradigm, iterated undefeatedly, collaborated extensively and emerged a proprietary working model to realise our vision and mission through The Economics of Universal Wellbeing. We went beyond re-designing. We are now a socio-ecological learning culture with a commitment to universal wellbeing:

planetary wellbeing

social wellbeing

personal wellbeing.

Bilberries Blue - Mar 2019 - final