What do we do?


We do good work. We love to do good work. We are open as to the work. Call us. We are now about building community. About meaningfulness and love, and joyful contribution to good structures and practices of sustainable and heartful living. We realise anything good simply begins with sincere and attentive care.


We understand that Good Work begins with respect & gratitude for everyone in our lives.

It is the meaning and purpose of being one with:


– Inner reconciliations, self-care & compassion


– People, Spaces, Places, Wildlife & Institutions in deep, stable peace and equity


– Ecology, Resource Use, Science, EcoSocial Culture of care & attention

It is about living attentively to the beautiful and wonderful gift of life in:

The Extraordinary Ordinariness of An Every Day

Watering the warmth, gentleness, tenderness, humility and openness of the present

Caring for every life who is encountered every day

Caring for every space and place that is encountered every day

Gifting a wholehearted presence and togetherness living every day

Doing good work, research, creativity, inner freedom, mutual respect, honest expressions, meaning and equitable application of good work every day

Caring for the earth and earth & wildlife sustainability every day

Cultivating expansive love, resilience, joy, gratitude, compassion, kindness & wellbeing for all every day

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